The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF) team includes distinguished physicians, leading scientists and clinicians, innovative business executives, thought leaders and Lung Cancer survivors all dedicated to our mission. Our team is diverse, international, intrepid and committed.

Senior Executives

Bonnie Addario

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About Bonnie

Bonnie J. Addario Chair & Lung Cancer Survivor

Scott Santarella

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About Scott

Scott Santarella President & CEO

Danielle Hicks

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About Danielle

Danielle Hicks Senior Director of Patient Services & Programs

Andrea Parks

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About Andrea

Andrea Parks Senior Director of Partnerships & Development

Guneet Walia, PhD

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About Guneet

Guneet Walia, PhD Senior Director of Research & Medical Affairs


Debi Beltramo

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About Debi

Debi Beltramo Director of Finance

Kendall Dempsey

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About Kendall

Kendall Dempsey Event and Database Administrator

Jennifer Hughes

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Hughes Director of National Events

Jennifer Hughes

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About David

David LeDuc Senior Director of Strategic Alliances

Gianna Nannini

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About Gianna

Gianna Nannini Manager of Regional Events
& Grassroots Fundraisers

Gina Tallerico

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About Gina

Gina Tallerico Event Coordinator

Emily Bennett Taylor

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About Emily

Emily Bennett Taylor Spokesperson/Patient Advocate

Katie Wilcox

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About Katie

Katie Wilcox Manager of National Events

Michele Zeh

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About Michele

Michele Zeh Patient Navigation
& Services Coordinator

Michele Zeh

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About Our
Office Administrator

  Office Administrator


  • Bonnie J. Addario
  • Denise Brown, MD
  • Ruth Callanan
  • Trina Dean
  • Shane P. Dormady, MD, PhD
  • Julie B. Harkins
  • David Jablons, MD
  • Kelli Kellerman
  • Deborah Morosini
  • Whitney Spagnola
  • Debbie Tully


  • Carole Carney
  • Joe Gaeta
  • Jamie Gorenberg
  • Jack Hanson
  • Steven R. Lloyd
  • Silvia Novello, MD, PhD
  • Alissa Robinow


  • Ross Camidge, MD, PhD
  • Roland Greenberg
  • Daniel F. Hoth, MD
  • Philip Mack, PhD
  • Anthony Maida III, PhD
  • James L. Mulshine, MD
  • Nathan Pennell, MD, PhD
  • Heather Wakelee, MD
  • Howard (Jack) West, MD
  • Duncan Whitney, ScD
  • Wells Whitney, ScD, Chair
  • Zhidong Xu, MD, PhD


  • Lisa Boohar, MD
  • David Gandara, MD
  • R. Ronald Hare, MD
  • Pasi A Janne, MD, PhD
  • Thierry Jahan, MD
  • Melissa Lim, MD
  • Mary Maish, MD
  • Rafael Rosell, MD
  • Paul Scheinberg, MD
  • Pierre Theodore, MD
  • Katherine Tully, RN