Statement by Bonnie J. Addario, Founder and President of the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, on the 21st Century Cures Act

Posted by Bonnie J. Addario on December 13th, 2016
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The signing of the 21st Century Cures Act is a blessing for past, current and future patients everywhere. This monumental legislation is 40 years in the making. In the time since I was diagnosed and ultimately survived lung cancer, I have dedicated the last decade plus of my life to ground-breaking research and prioritizing the patient perspective.

Greater investment in President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative and Vice President Biden’s National Cancer Moonshot Initiative heartens us and those who deal with cancer everyday. The medical and research community is now embracing new treatments and the communal sharing of information for the benefit of patients everywhere. The research advancements of 2016 assure us that we are headed into a time with no limits as to what science can do and we can look forward to a day when Lung Cancer will be a managed disease.

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