There are several ways in which you can contribute to this effort:

Spread the word about this effort. Tell everyone about this thriving patient community! You might help a ROS1+ cancer patient find a community of other patients like them, their safe place where they can share their experiences and learn from those of others. Share this page on:

Advocate for more research on cancer, in general, and on ROS1+ cancers specifically. ROS1+ cancer is an understudied molecular subset of all cancers. It comprises 1-2% of all cancer types it is diagnosed in. Therefore, there isn’t much going on for this rare disease subset. We need more research to understand what drives these cancers, and how we can stop them from growing and proliferating.

$500,000 Goal



Donate now to create a ROS1 bio-repository that will house bio-specimens from ROS1+ cancer patients, and will help researchers understand what drives this disease.

Fundraise. Given this is a patient-driven, patient-focused ROS1 positive cancer research effort, several ROS1ers have come together to fundraise for this project. The Addario Lung Cancer Foundation has set up a restricted account especially earmarked for this project. All monies raised by the ROS1ers’ efforts will be added to this account and used to fund research efforts specifically on ROS1-positive cancers.

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