ALCMI-Screen-ShotALCMI is a patient-centric, international research consortium driving research otherwise not possible, such as current clinical studies, CASTLE, INHERIT (T790M), and Genomics of Young Lung Cancer. ALCMI overcomes barriers to collaboration via a world-class team of investigators from 20+ institutions in the U.S. and Europe, supported by dedicated research infrastructures such as centralized tissue banks and data systems. ALCMI directly facilitates research by combining scientific expertise found at leading academic institutions with patient access through our network of community cancer centers – accelerating novel research advancements to Lung Cancer patients.

Our question:

“If money for research and development was not a barrier and a true collaboration could be achieved, what would you do to improve Lung Cancer patient survival in the least amount of time and how much would it cost?”

In 2008, the founding of the Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute (ALCMI) fulfilled the answer to this question posed to 70 of the world’s leading Lung Cancer researchers, clinicians and patients at a ALCF-sponsored Summit.

Their unanimous answer:

“We need a national Lung Cancer institute — an honest third-party broker — with a virtual specimen repository, connecting existing biobanks and researchers worldwide through a unique real-time IT platform and better means of collaboration.”

Today, the network established by ALCMI, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, directly impacts Lung Cancer patient survival through its 21 carefully selected collaborating centers worldwide.

Through shared infrastructures and centrally coordinated scientific planning, ALCMI’s researchers are pooling their knowledge, specimens and data to understand Lung Cancer’s molecular bases and to accelerate development and delivery of effective, targeted drugs and treatments for individual patients. Our goal is to achieve unprecedented access to broader patient populations and to bring scientific advances to where patients live.