Clinical Research

ZhidongMicroscopeThe Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF) and Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute (ALCMI) have one priority in allocating research funds. We only fund projects with the potential to impact patients’ lives NOW. Grantee research must address early detection, genetic testing, drug discovery and other patient-focused outcomes.

For example, CASTLE (Collaborative Advanced Stage Tissue Lung Cancer Network) is a longitudinal, multi-center study to collect patient tissue and blood samples for molecular testing and provide a shared clinical data registry with immediate access to participating centers. As a foundational resource, CASTLE enables more informed patient and doctor decision-making, establishes a patient “standard of care” and allows scientists to ask and answer next questions.

Other projects funded by ALCMI’s Scientific Research Board include: non-invasive methods for early detection; Lung Cancer biology unique to the young; inherited genetic mutations in families; combination drug and personalized therapies through concurrent treatment of patients and genetically engineered mice.

Our research will help you and your doctor to “know thy tumor.” Cancer treatment is proceeding toward an era of individualized medicine where treatment decisions are based on the molecular characteristics of each patient’s tumor. By understanding Lung Cancer’s cellular biology, clinicians will ultimately figure out how to lock our DNA doors so cancer can’t get in.