Navigational Bronchoscopy Machine To Help Detect Lung Cancer Early

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News Headline: Navigational Bronchoscopy Machine To Help Detect Lung Cancer Early

Date: 4/24/13

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Author Name: Kelsey Pape

FAIRMONT -Statistics show more than 200,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year in the United States and it accounts for 27 percent of all cancer deaths.

Like every other type of cancer, the best way to overcome the disease is early detection.

The Fairmont General Hospital Foundation has started a fundraising campaign for a machine that will allow doctors to do just that.

“West Virginia has a very high incidence of lung cancer,” said Peggy Coster, Vice President of Patient Services. “In fact, we have one of the highest incidence in the nation of lung cancer.”

That’s why Fairmont General Hospital is working to make itself up to date with the latest and greatest technology.

“Any of our patients, any of our physicians want to essentially have access to the latest technology that can be provided,” said Robert Marquardt, Fairmont General Hospital President and CEO.

The Fairmont General Hospital Foundation’s newest campaign will raise money towards a navigational bronchoscopy system.

“We will be able to diagnose hopefully lung cancers earlier and be able to do a more definitive treatment rather then watching them through repeated cat scans,” said Dr. Prasad Devabhaktuni, Medical Director of the FGH Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

The new machine will help doctors find tumors, take a biopsy, and administer treatment.

“Previously, the regular bronchoscopy couldn’t reach some of the nodular densities in the periphery of the lung,” Devabhaktuni said. “This one will be helping us do more accurately go to these lesions and biopsy them or take samples.”

The machine will allow patients to stay in Marion County, rather than go to Morgantown or Bridgeport.

“I think by getting this equipment it does show the patients that we are trying to keep up to date on everything that’s available out there for them,” said Cherie Moore, director of Surgical Services.

The Foundation has already raised $3,000 toward the navigational bronchoscopy machine.

To make a contribution, visit the Fairmont General Hospital Foundation’s website.


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