The Lung Cancer Living Room™ – “Scanxiety” and Patient Empowerment – Patient Discussion – Apr. 16, 2013

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In this episode of The Lung Cancer Living Room™, the guests at the Living Room along with Bonnie and Danielle discuss topics related to each patient’s own personal circumstances. First off is a look at “scanxiety”, the anxiety that surrounds going in for your next PET or CT scan. The group gives lots of practical advice on how to alleviate this nervousness, such as by checking that you’re being tested on the same machine as your previous test to avoid any false scares based on differing calibrations of the machines. Secondly, Nancy discusses how the T790 clinical trial being funded by the Lung Cancer Foundation and facilitated by ALCMI helped her catch her lung cancer long before she had any symptoms. Bonnie discusses the implications of this trial and how it could impact future pre-screening procedures for lung cancer, as well as the implications for the “inheritability” of lung cancer. Then Terry discusses developments in her daughter Natalie’s case- her chemo break and what she’s currently doing to boost her immune system which leads to a discussion about the new findings that the immune system can become re-sensitized to drugs that it had become resistant to after a break in usage. This leads to a look at new research by pharma in immunotherapies. Then a participant shares young survivor Emily Bennett’s blog,, and how her story has inspired him in general. This is followed by a patient led discussion about “living with lung cancer” and being okay with “stable” as opposed to “cured”. Finally, Bonnie and Danielle share the new Lung Cancer Patient Handbook and plenty of hope and encouragement to the group.



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