Older Lung Cancer Patients Desire Information on Complementary Therapies

Posted by Samantha Powell on November 26th, 2013 |

News Headline: Older Lung Cancer Patients Desire Information on Complementary Therapies
Date:  11/26/13
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Lynne Eldridge


Once considered “alternative” treatments, many cancer centers are now using complementary therapies as a regular part of cancer treatment. This integrative approach – combining conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery with complementary treatments such as acupuncture – is designed to treat the whole person; body, mind and spirit.

But since this is a fairly new approach, researchers were wondering how older patients with lung cancer and colon cancer felt about the use of complementary therapies.

Through interviewing patients at a hospital in Ireland, they learned several things:

  • Older patients believe these services should be promoted more effectively
  • Older patients felt these treatments should be more accessible

While desiring more information these patients had a few concerns:

  • That there is a lack of good written information about complementary treatments (and as such there is uncertainty about possible benefits leading to fewer people receiving them)
  • Some patients were concerned that if they use complementary therapies and let their physician know, that it will harm their relationship

This leads to some good instructions for doctors who treat cancer patients: provide better information to patients about complementary therapies and become educated themselves about these treatments.

If you are a cancer patient, here are some articles that talk about complementary therapies and possible benefits they may have for people with cancer:

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