Eagle Crest Students Show True Colors on World Cancer Day

Posted by Samantha Powell on February 5th, 2014 |

News Headline: Eagle Crest Students Show True Colors on World Cancer Day
Outlet Full Name: Longmont Times-Call
Author: Whitney Bryen

Eagle Crest Elementary School fifth graders color-coordinated Tuesday to honor their family members on World Cancer Day.

Rose Adler, 10, showed up with flashing pink flamingo sunglasses, a hot-pink feather boa and fusia leopard print hat in honor of her aunts who survived breast cancer.

“I picked this handband on purpose,” Rose said. “The two hot pink flowers are for my aunts and the white one is for my grandpa who had lung cancer. The light pink flower is for everyone else who has had cancer.”

Most of the students in Amy Dumler’s class wore cancer awareness colors that corelated with the disease that most affected their family.

Several students wore black to support Dumler, who had a cancerous mole removed from her thigh about 12 years ago. Others wore rainbow colors to support multiple family members, or purple, the awareness color for all cancers.

The effort was led by Riley Holcomb, 10, who encouraged her classmates to find out if they knew anyone who had cancer.

Riley wore orange, blue, white, black and purple to honor her eight family members who have had cancer, including her aunt, uncles and a close family friend.

“I want other kids to know who has it in their family and to remember them,” she said.

Last year, Riley led a team of elementary school students in fundraising efforts for Longmont’s Relay for Life, which is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The team, Riley’s Rebels, raised about $6,500 for cancer research.

Xavier McKaig, Riley’s classmate and a member of Riley’s Rebels, wore a white T-shirt to class to remember his grandmother, who died from lung cancer in September.

“She was the leader of our family,” Xavier said. “On holidays, we all came to her house and had a meal and played games so it’s really sad to talk about it.”

Xavier, 11, said he missed his grandmother’s “killer brownies” and seeing her at family birthday parties.

Owen Hartman, 10, spray-painted his hair pink and bought a pink bracelet with a sparkly pink mustache at the school store Tuesday morning in honor of his grandmother, who died from breast cancer before he was born.

Owen, who was also a member of Riley’s Rebels, and Xavier are already signed up for Riley’s 2014 team.

Riley said five people already have joined her Relay for Life team this year. They are sending letters to businesses in search of donations and coming up with ideas to exceed last year’s total.

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