Tragedy Strikes Again for Julia Roberts as It’s Revealed Her Mother Betty Lou is ‘Suffering from Lung Cancer’

Posted by Samantha Powell on February 19th, 2014 |

News Headline: Tragedy Strikes Again for Julia Roberts as It’s Revealed Her Mother Betty Lou is ‘Suffering from Lung Cancer’
Date: 2/19/14
Outlet Full Name: Daily Mail UK
Author: Felicity Thistlethwaite

Tragedy strikes again for Julia Roberts as it’s revealed her mother Betty Lou Motes, 80, is ‘battling lung cancer’.

The National Enquirer reports the star has been coping with the tragic news since doctors found a ‘cancerous tumour’ on Betty’s lung during a routine MRI scan in November.

The news comes just days after Julia’s half-sister Nancy Motes, Betty’s daughter from her second marriage, committed suicide on 9 February.

Betty has a history of medical issues including suffering a heart attack and underwent angioplasty surgery in 2009.

Julia’s 80-year-old mother is said to have undergone treatment for a back complaint around the time of her recent diagnosis.

‘Everyone was frantic because Betty has a history of smoking and emphysema,’ a source told the magazine.

It’s been reported her back surgery delayed her cancer treatment.

Julia, 46, who’s been nominated for an Oscar for her supporting role in August: Osage County, has moved her mother in to her Malibu mansion, a source revealed.

‘She was already reeling from her mom’s cancer crisis. Now, she’s been deeply hurt and stung by all the criticism after Nancy’s death and feels she doesn’t deserve it.

‘Julia insists that Nancy’s death was not a suicide,’ the source revealed.

Tragically Julia’s father died when the actress was just 10 years old, also from cancer.

Speaking at a Stand Up To Cancer event in 2012, Julia said: ‘I don’t remember his illness, really, but I remember him so dearly and vividly.’

She explained she felt his loss recently more than ever, since having a family of her own: ‘That’s where you feel the real ripoff. He’s not here to be a grandparent.’

The 46-year-old married cameraman Daniel Moder in 2002, and they have three children together: twins Hazel and Finn and Henry.

MailOnline have contact Julia Roberts’ representative for comment.

Julia Roberts stars in Oprah’s new video campaign to combat loneliness titled Just Say Hello, which was released on Tuesday.

Along with Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Tom Hanks, among others – the actress joined the project encouraging people to reach out more to their loved ones.

The same day the death certificate for her estranged half-sister Nancy Motes, 37 – whose body was found on February 9 from an apparent suicide reportedly brought on by a riff in her family – was released.

A press release for the campaign read, ‘To combat loneliness and encourage more face-to-face interaction O, The Oprah Magazine has partnered with Dr. Sanjay
Gupta and Skype to launch the Just Say Hello campaign, encouraging people everywhere to reach out and connect with others by Just Saying Hello.

The note added: ‘It’s easy. It’s free. And it can change someone’s life.’

The video moves quickly as it gets quick hellos from the many celebrities. Gupta gives a heartfelt explanation of why the lonely need help.

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