Message from Scott Santarella, President and CEO – Winter 2015

Posted by Gianna Nannini on January 27th, 2015 |

“For those of you have cancer, everything that can be done in this great powerful rich country will be done.” However well-intended those words spoken by President Nixon may have been when he signed the National Cancer Act on Dec 23, 1971, for lung cancer patients that promise made has not been met, but 44 years later, things are changing.That 20th century promise can and will become a reality in the 21st century as we collaborate to fulfill ALCF’s mission. November heralded our national campaign launch of “We Won’t Quit – Join the Fight.”

In a first-time collaboration among 16 advocacy organizations we launched “Don’t Guess. Test.” This initiative is aimed at expanding awareness and educating patients about precision medicine, the importance of comprehensive genomic testing in lung cancer, and clinical trial access.

Lung MAP (The Lung Master Protocol), a multi-drug, multi-arm, biomarker-driven clinical trial for patients with advanced squamous cell lung cancer launched in collaboration with 10 other stakeholders, is revolutionizing the way that clinical trials are conducted to lead the way to more rapid drug development and approval for patients. As of 12/15/2014, 114 patients had registered for the screening component of the trial and 41 patients had registered to a sub-study. These patients are at almost 80 different centers, at both large academic medical centers and community hospitals, in states across the country. PRESS RELEASE

CALL TO ACTION: Learn how we are working to meet the 1971 promise for lung cancer patients today and in 2015 through these innovative, collaborative initiatives and partnerships. Click on links above.

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