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Call Widens for Medicare CT Lung Cancer Screening Coverage

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 30th, 2014 |

More than 60 patient advocacy and medical organizations have joined a coalition headed by the Lung Cancer Alliance, the American College of Radiology and The Society of Thoracic Surgeons, in urging Medicare to cover low dose computed tomography (LDCT) screening for beneficiaries at high risk for lung cancer. In a new joint letter to the… Read More

Screening may detect lung cancer at its earliest stages

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 25th, 2014 |

A lung cancer screening method that is recommended for long-term smokers, whether they have quit or not, promises to detect cancer at its earliest and most curable stages. However, most insurance does not cover the cost, and participation has been limited. To raise awareness of the screening and its potential, West Penn Hospital is now… Read More

A Cancer Battle We Can Win

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 21st, 2014 |

THE war against cancer can be confusing, with providers, insurers and policy makers debating the effectiveness of treatments, prevention programs and research. But there is one significant victory within our grasp. There is, increasingly, a consensus that CT screening for lung cancer can save thousands of lives each year. Lung cancer, the No. 1 cancer… Read More

Evidence Mounts Supporting Medicare Coverage of Lung Cancer Screening

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 19th, 2014 |

The stockpile of evidence confirming — and reconfirming — the lifesaving value of lung cancer screening continues to grow. The latest study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, reexamines all the data from the 53,000 participant National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), and looks specifically at the impact of computed tomography (CT) screening on high… Read More

Elderly Get Most Benefit, Harm From Lung Cancer Screening

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 9th, 2014 |

A new analysis of the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) showed that both benefits and harms of low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) screening are slightly greater among patients older than 65 years. This suggests that excluding elderly patients from screening is probably not warranted. “The primary source of evidence for LDCT effectiveness was the NLST, and… Read More

West Penn Hospital Begins Complimentary Lung Cancer Screening Program

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 9th, 2014 |

West Penn Hospital, part of the Allegheny Health Network, is now offering a free screening program to patients at risk of lung cancer in hopes of catching the disease in as many patients as possible at its earliest and most curable stages. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recommends annual screening for lung cancer with… Read More

Study: Lung cancer screening may benefit heavy smokers after age 65 but comes with trade-offs

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 8th, 2014 |

Some current or former heavy smokers may benefit from a new lung cancer test even if they’re 65 or older — although they experience more false alarms, suggests an analysis that comes as Medicare is debating whether to pay for the scans. Lung cancer kills nearly 160,000 Americans a year, in part because tumors aren’t… Read More

Study Confirms CT Lung Cancer Screening is Cost Effective: Full Medicare Coverage Should Follow

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 2nd, 2014 |

Questions regarding effectiveness, infrastructure and cost effectiveness of low-dose computed tomography (CT) screening of those at high risk for lung cancer have now been answered. Medicare should rapidly provide full national coverage for these exams. An actuarial cost-benefit analysis by Milliman, Inc., published in the August issue of American Health and Drug Benefits, shows that… Read More

Lung Cancer Community Applauds Latest Research Confirming Life-Saving, Low-Cost Benefits of Lung Cancer Early Detection in High-Risk Population

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 2nd, 2014 |

The American College of Radiology (ACR), Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA), Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) and The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) today applauded an actuarial cost-benefit analysis conducted by Milliman, Inc. that found implementation of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations for low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) for the early detection of… Read More

Online Screening for Rare Lung Cancer Mutation Opens Door to New Kind of Clinical Trial

Posted by Samantha Powell on August 22nd, 2014 |

In the previous few years, several breakthrough treatments have become available for key subtypes of lung cancer. Patients who may benefit from these treatments can be pre-identified by looking for defined genetic abnormalities in their cancer. For example, patients whose lung cancer is driven by rearrangement of the gene ALK derive significant benefit from the… Read More