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West Penn Hospital Begins Complimentary Lung Cancer Screening Program

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 9th, 2014 |

West Penn Hospital, part of the Allegheny Health Network, is now offering a free screening program to patients at risk of lung cancer in hopes of catching the disease in as many patients as possible at its earliest and most curable stages. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recommends annual screening for lung cancer with… Read More

Study: Lung cancer screening may benefit heavy smokers after age 65 but comes with trade-offs

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 8th, 2014 |

Some current or former heavy smokers may benefit from a new lung cancer test even if they’re 65 or older — although they experience more false alarms, suggests an analysis that comes as Medicare is debating whether to pay for the scans. Lung cancer kills nearly 160,000 Americans a year, in part because tumors aren’t… Read More

Urine test could catch lung cancer early

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 5th, 2014 |

Lung cancer could be identified earlier, thanks to a new test that uses surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) to detect a cancer biomarker in urine. Detecting lung cancer is difficult as it is hidden in the body, and current clinical methods are not effective at an early stage; the one-year survival rate after diagnosis in… Read More

Study Confirms CT Lung Cancer Screening is Cost Effective: Full Medicare Coverage Should Follow

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 2nd, 2014 |

Questions regarding effectiveness, infrastructure and cost effectiveness of low-dose computed tomography (CT) screening of those at high risk for lung cancer have now been answered. Medicare should rapidly provide full national coverage for these exams. An actuarial cost-benefit analysis by Milliman, Inc., published in the August issue of American Health and Drug Benefits, shows that… Read More

Lung Cancer Community Applauds Latest Research Confirming Life-Saving, Low-Cost Benefits of Lung Cancer Early Detection in High-Risk Population

Posted by Samantha Powell on September 2nd, 2014 |

The American College of Radiology (ACR), Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA), Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) and The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) today applauded an actuarial cost-benefit analysis conducted by Milliman, Inc. that found implementation of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations for low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) for the early detection of… Read More

UNC researchers mapping cancer genes

Posted by Samantha Powell on August 29th, 2014 |

Cancer researchers know that the key to beating the disease lies in discovering its many genetic identities. Now, researchers in the genome sequencing lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have the tools to uncover a tumor’s specific genetic identity. The work is part of the Cancer Genome Atlas Study. By 2008,… Read More

Online Screening for Rare Lung Cancer Mutation Opens Door to New Kind of Clinical Trial

Posted by Samantha Powell on August 22nd, 2014 |

In the previous few years, several breakthrough treatments have become available for key subtypes of lung cancer. Patients who may benefit from these treatments can be pre-identified by looking for defined genetic abnormalities in their cancer. For example, patients whose lung cancer is driven by rearrangement of the gene ALK derive significant benefit from the… Read More

Phoenix company set to launch early-detection lung cancer blood test

Posted by Samantha Powell on August 19th, 2014 |

Will Gartner — who developed the early-detection breast cancer and Alzheimer’s blood tests and later sold those businesses — is close to launching a new blood test for the early detection of lung cancer. His company, Global Cancer Diagnostics Inc., is finishing up its final validation study. That’s the last step before marketing the product…. Read More

Race for 10,000 recruits to detect early signs of lung cancer

Posted by Samantha Powell on August 1st, 2014 |

Today marks the beginning of a new phase to recruit 10,000 people to take part in a large early lung cancer detection study. Lung cancer kills more people than any other cancer. In Scotland, 5000 people die from lung cancer every year – more than any other cancer. This is because most cases are picked… Read More

Dr. Mulshine Discusses New Recommendations for Lung Cancer Screening

Posted by Samantha Powell on August 1st, 2014 |

Follow the link below to watch the video. James L. Mulshine, MD, professor, Associate Provost for Research, Vice President, Rush University Medical Center discusses new USPSTF recommendations for lung cancer screening. Mulshine says this is an important and new development for community oncologists because it promises better outcomes for their patients. Theses new recommendations, which… Read More