Do you know a ROS1-fusion positive cancer patient?

Posted by Dr. Guneet Walia on February 23rd, 2017

In May, 2016, the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation launched the Global ROS1 Initiative, in partnership with cancer patients whose tumors are driven by ROS1 gene fusions. These ROS1 gene fusions are abnormal changes in cells that drive the growth and spread of several different cancer types such as non-small cell lung, gastric, ovarian, skin, brain cancers, etc. In all of these different cancer types, ROS1-fusion driven tumors form a small subtype, typically only ~1-2%, and therefore form a relatively rare and understudied molecular subtype of most cancers these are seen in. The Foundation decided to launch a pan-cancer initiative, looking at ROS1-fusions across cancer types, to understand the biology of these tumors, and in the process accelerate research into this molecular subtype, with the hope of finding new treatments and diagnostics for ROS1-fusion+ cancer patients.

Our first project under this initiative was the ROS1 Epidemiology Survey, launched in partnership with Stanford University (PI: Dr. Manali Patel), to look at any and all potential factors that might have contributed to the development of this particular cancer type. We presented early data from this study at the 17th Annual World Conference on Lung Cancer in December, 2016 in Vienna, Austria. The survey continues to collect data and urge you to share it widely with any ROS1-fusion+ cancer patient you know.

Our second project under the Global ROS1 Initiative is to build a ROS1 Biorepository, basically a collection of patient-derived ROS1-fusion positive cancer tumor specimens, as well as preclinical cancer models (such as mouse models and cell lines), that can be offered to researchers and pharma to study the disease in depth, understand its biology, and use this information to develop better treatments and diagnostics for ROS1+ cancer. As part of this initiative, ALCF will be building a ROS1 Data Repository as well that offers all de-identified data associated with these specimens and models to accelerate further research. Learn more about how YOU can partner with us on this exciting new initiative and be a part of the change for ROS1+ cancer!

In all these initiatives for the Global ROS1 Initiative we work in partnership with ROS1-fusion+ cancer patients, as we design and execute these individual studies. Together, we are confident we will move the needle for this relatively rare, understudied molecular subtype of cancer!

If you need more info about the Global ROS1 Initiative, please email Dr. Guneet Walia, Sr. Director, Research and Medical Affairs at ALCF at [email protected]. To learn more about our other Patient Programs and Services, and speak with our fantastic Patient Navigator, call 650-598-2857.

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