Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Life should take your breath away. Not lung cancer! Whether you have walked a marathon to fundraise for cancer research, participated in a clinical trial, or are undergoing your umpteenth treatment, the lung cancer community is full of positive people whose determination to fight cancer knows no bounds.

Read the stories of people who persevere with cancer every day with the way that they live. We hope their photos and stories inspire you to do the same.

I am surviving with lung cancer because…

Debra Montague

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Debra's Story

Emily Daniels

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Emily's Story

Stephanie Marks Peace

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Stephanie's Story

Jeff Meckstroth

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Jeff's Story

Kim Hefferman

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Kim's Story

Kirk Smith

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Kirk's Story

Laura Levaas

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Laura's Story

Gina Hollenbeck

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Gina's Story

Jane Millman

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Jane's Story

Erika Hlavacek

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Erika's Story

Jim Brown

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Jim's Story

Terri DiJulio

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Terri's Story

Jeanette Themsen

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Jeanette's Story

Rachel Frey Zanardi

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Rachel's Story

Valerie Aladieff

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Valerie's Story

Isabella de la Houssaye

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Isabella's Story

Lisa Goldman

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Lisa's Story

Lisa Moran

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Lisa's Story

Valerie Hendrickx

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Valerie's Story

Ivy Elkins

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Ivy's Story

Linnea Olsen

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Linnea's Story

Collin Barton

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Collin's Story

Nancee Pronsati

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Nancee's Story

Bruce Dunbar

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Bruce's Story

Caren Gorenberg

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Caren's Story

Marlene Michaels

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Marlene's Story

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Patient Stories

“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live. So live. Live. Fight like hell. And when you get too tired to fight, lay down and rest, and let somebody else fight for you.”

–Stuart Scott

Jeff Clarkdiagnosed 2013

Margaret Duckhorndiagnosed 2005

Lisa Goldmandiagnosed 2014

Sandy Hearndiagnosed 2000

Pascual Heredia

Jian Jiao

Jane Millmandiagnosed 2013

Samantha Mixon

Pam Mosherdiagnosed 1997

Tom Mundy

Jacqueline Patrickdiagnosed 2005

Michael Quilicidiagnosed 2011

Carlos Rivera

Janet Robisondiagnosed 2011

Sally Samuelsdiagnosed 2009

Veronica Sanchez

Emily Bennett Taylordiagnosed 2012

Andy Trahandiagnosed 2013

Mary Beth Wheelerdiagnosed 2005

Wells Whitneydiagnosed 1998

Charles Bane

Francisco Guerra

Leroy Stanislas