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Every lung cancer FIGHTER’s story is unique, and other lung cancer FIGHTERs stand to learn from it and get inspired and motivated to fight their fight! So, please share your story with us and other lung cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and family members…you never know who you will motivate today to FIGHT back! These stories will not only help newly diagnosed patients to know that they aren’t alone, these will inspire everyone in the community to FIGHT on and march towards making lung cancer a chronically manageable disease!

Thank you for your courage! We are with you in the fight!

Need a little guidance? Click here for a list of questions to help you get started.

  1. Please tell me about your life before diagnosis.
  2. Did you have symptoms? Did you know something was wrong or wasn’t quite right with your body? OR, did you have physical changes and someone close to you noticed?
  3. What made you go to Doctor? What concerns did you share with the doctor? Do you have family history or any previous cancers (not LC)? Maybe you were at the doctor’s office for a different reason. If yes, what brought you to the doctor?
  4. How did you feel when the doctor gave you the news and how did you process what this meant? What steps did you take first?
  5. Did you research doctors and pick one or did your doctor give you one? Did you get a 2nd or 3rd opinion? Were you comfortable and confident with the opinions and steps the doctors were going to take with your diagnosis and treatment plan?
  6. What was your diagnosis? What stage? Location etc.
  7. During your journey what tests, drugs, studies, information about your disease did the doctor give you? Were you satisfied with the info provided? If not, what did you do to get more info? What worked and what didn’t? Any side effects on what drugs,tests, studies? How was that for you?
  8. What have you done to educate yourself on this disease and your diagnosis and treatment? ie: books ,internet, blogs, Living room/support groups etc.
  9. What have you done that motivated you or was inspirational to help yourselves and others during this journey? Living Room/Support groups, Chat rooms, Races, become friends with someone who has or has survived lung cancer or a family member or friend who has experienced cancer etc.
  10. How do you keep a positive outlook with your diagnosis and how can you help others to try and keep positive.
  11. What is your life like now either during treatment or No evidence of disease (NED).
  12. Have you benefited from any of the resources the foundation has to offer? The 360 Handbook,The Living Room, The BJALCF Website, Facebook, 5k runs events?

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