Trials and Treatments

ROS1-fusion positive cancer is a relatively rare subset of most cancers it is diagnosed in, typically accounting for 1-2% of most cancers. Therefore, historically there hasn’t been a lot of active research on just ROS1 cancers by themselves. However, fortunately for ROS1ers, things are changing and there is one new drug was recently approved for ROS1-positive lung cancer (Crizotinib, Xalkori) and there are several under development. We will keep updating this space with info on new clinical trials that you can participate in, if you have ROS1-fusion positive cancer, and any other news that might be of interest for you.

FDA Approved Treatments

Under Development

(brand name Zykadia, previously known as LDK378)

Currently FDA approved for ALK+ metastatic non-small cell lung cancer.

ROS1 Fusion Variants