USTREAM Troubleshooting

Having trouble viewing the stream? Even though live streaming thru the internet isn’t new, it still can be tricky to get to work sometimes.

Create a Ustream Account

View the 1-minute video below to learn how to create a Ustream account. This will allow you to access participate in the chat and utilize all of the features of Ustream.


First, make sure your computer has a good connection to the Internet. Modern day broadband, like a cable modem, or via DSL, are usually more than enough to watch a video stream thru.

Wireless can be very convenient, but if you experience buffering issues, moving to a wired connection can be helpful.

It is interesting to note that a mobile device, like an iPad, iPhone, can work well too, given a good wireless connection, of course. Ustream even has “an app for that.”


You must have “Flash” installed. This is how the video is decoded for you to see. It may not already be installed on your computer, or there may be an update worth having, so it helps to download the latest version available.
Adobe Flash –

Try a different browser. There are two we recommend:
Google Chrome –
Mozilla Firefox –

If all else fails, Ustream, the service we’re using for streaming, has a support section for viewing.

Ustream Help Center –