Data Science Challenge

Lung Cancer Early Detection Challenge

Can you help radiologists detect lung cancer earlier and save lives?

Calling All Open Source Contributors

We’re calling on a global community of data scientists, engineers, designers, and researchers to build an open source software application that brings advances from machine learning into the clinic. We’re not just optimizing an algorithm for a single metric—we’re collaborating to build tools which put AI in the hands of clinicians.

In addition to pushing forward the cutting-edge of open clinical software, top contributors will be eligible for a share of $100,000 in monetary prizes.

How It Works

ALCF has partnered with DrivenData, a mission-driven company that brings advances from data science and artificial intelligence to organizations tackling the world’s greatest challenges. DrivenData runs online competitions where technical experts from around the world compete to build the best solutions for tough questions in big data and machine learning. The goal of this challenge is to bridge the gap between research algorithms and clinical practice in early detection by developing an end-to-end application, as a community, that connects the predictive power of machine learning with functional software tested against errors and a clean user interface focused on clinical use.

Throughout this challenge, contributors will have the chance to submit code patches that add features to the software, improve functionality and make the predictive algorithms more precise.

As project maintainers review and adopt code patches, the most advanced version will become the new starting point for the community to build on.

Meanwhile, contributions that provide meaningful progress can earn points from a technical panel of experts in machine learning, engineering and clinical settings. A live leaderboard will keep track of points earned throughout the challenge. At the end of the challenge, ALCF and DrivenData will award prizes to top overall contributors.

There will also be prizes for top contributors filling key roles throughout the process. The project needs:

  • Data scientists to build out the machine learning algorithms
  • Software engineers to develop backend functions and data pipelines to run the tool
  • Engineers and designers to build out the user interface
  • Community contributors to enrich the documentation, discussions and outreach

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